A story about the main square of Athens.

The heart of Athens was the agora – the main square of Athens. It was always noisy and crowded here, as trade was brisk here. There was also entertainment: cock fights, performances of snake charmers, magicians, dagger swallowers. The rich Athenians went to the market with slaves; they did not take their wives with them. When all the purchases were made, the slaves were sent home with them, and they themselves spent time with friends in specially designated places – porticos. This is a room whose roof was supported by columns.
In another part of the agora there was a building in which the Council of Five Hundred, the governing body of Athens, met almost daily. He watched how the treasury was replenished, how ships, roads, temples, water pipelines were built. Duty members of the Council in case of a military threat were here around the clock.

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