A story from the perspective of a traveler in the city of Athens with the port of Piraeus.

The story is told on behalf of the traveler, but nevertheless the following points should be heard in the answer:
a) The city of Athens was connected to the port of Piraeus by a 5-6 km road, which was carefully fortified on both sides by walls.
b) The port had two military harbors and one trading harbor.
c) In the naval harbors there was a powerful Athenian fleet, about 400 triremes.
d) Trade was brisk in the trading harbor. Merchants from all over the world brought their goods here. For the right to trade, they paid a special tax to the treasury. Among the merchants were immigrants who lived in Athens, and for the right to live there, they also paid tax. All rights were enjoyed only by citizens of the state (indigenous people). But the slaves were completely powerless. Slave labor was used both in the master’s house and in the craft workshop.

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