A total solar eclipse will occur at the Earth’s North Pole on March 20, 2015. At what height above the horizon will it be observed there?

As can be understood by the very name of the astronomical phenomenon, a total solar eclipse is observed on the disk of a daylight – the Sun. Therefore, to answer the problem, you need to determine the height of the Sun above the horizon at the time of the eclipse at a given point on the Earth.
Note that the eclipse will occur on March 20, in fact, on the day of the vernal equinox. At this time, the Sun is located at the celestial equator, its declination is zero. At the observation point – at the North Pole, latitude is + 90 ° – the celestial equator coincides with the horizon. The Sun’s height, like its declination, will be zero. An eclipse will be observed on the horizon.

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