Helen Dofert began teaching at the school in 1994. She has established herself as a good teacher, possessing a high level of both theoretical and practical teaching methods. In his work, the teacher uses not only well-known teaching methods, but also new technologies of personal and communicative learning, working for the development of the student’s personality, actively introducing ICT technologies.

Helen Dofert is a very competent teacher, whose professional qualities are highly valued by both students and their parents. She carefully thinks out the content and organizational forms of each lesson. Knows well the structural components of various types of lesson in the Federal State Educational Standard for LEO. Classes are lively, interesting, skillfully applying the elements of independent work, creating problematic situations. The teacher pays great attention to the development of oral speech of students, uses tables, worksheets, tests, handouts and didactic materials in the lessons. In the classroom, children are not constrained, active, with interest they carry out all the tasks proposed by the teacher, the style of their communication with the teacher – as with an older friend, adviser, assistant, knows how to tactfully lead the discussion of the problem and correct children’s mistakes. The children of her classroom team are brought up and trained in the confidence that each of them is self-worth, that he is already a person.

Systematically, for several years, in his pedagogical practice, Helen Dofert has been using technologies of developing, personality-oriented learning, using technologies of level differentiation, learning based on a competence-based approach, “learning situations”, project and research activities, information and communication technologies, interactive methods and active forms of education.

The teacher pays great attention to the control and accounting of his work, control and accounting of students’ knowledge not only of subject results, but also of personal, meta-subject results. Current, thematic and final control helps the teacher to identify gaps, both in his work and in the knowledge of students, and competently plan the work to eliminate them. Helen Dofert takes into account the dynamics of children’s learning outcomes in relation to themselves.

The teacher pays great attention to extracurricular work. These are exhibitions of creative works, festivals, quizzes and competitions, both at school and at the municipal level, in which students win prizes. Helen Dofert, as a class teacher, has established herself as an excellent psychologist who knows how to find an individual approach to any student. She teaches children to independently obtain knowledge from sources of popular science literature, acquaints children with methods of research activity. Her students are frequent guests of the Children’s Municipal Library. Gaidar, visit many museums and theaters both in the city of Angarsk and in the regional center. Through excursions, he fosters love for his native land, the world around us. Teaches you to protect and protect nature.

Helen Dofert does a great job of uniting the student and parental teams. Through extracurricular activities, the teacher teaches to live in harmony with oneself and with others. It fosters in its students a stable interest in knowledge, an active life position, love for work, respect for a working person, teaches them to work conscientiously and efficiently by themselves.

Through individual conversations with parents, parent meetings, the problems of education and training of students are jointly solved.

Helen Dofert takes an active life position, does not stay away from school and social problems. Highly erudite, benevolent, always ready to help in word and deed, she enjoys a well-deserved prestige among students, parents and colleagues.

Sincere and creative generosity, dedication to work, love for her work, selfless labor activity, benevolence and humanity, Helen Dofert earns sincere respect from her colleagues. Over the years, she has perfectly mastered the art of communicating with teachers, paying special attention to establishing business contacts, professional friendship, and creating an atmosphere of friendly relations.

An excellent teacher with a high culture of pedagogical and methodological excellence, a subtle understanding of child psychology, Helen Dofert captivates the teacher’s audience with the problematic structure of his studies, the thoroughness and originality of the presentation of complex issues of modern methods, constant appeal to advanced pedagogical experience, a focus on solving urgent problems of increasing efficiency and the quality of the educational process.