Ammonia was passed through a solution containing 29.4 g of sulfuric acid to form a medium salt. The volume of reacted gas was

Reaction equation:
X2SO4 + 2NH3 = (NH4) 2SO4
From the conditions of the task m (H2SO4) = 29.4 g. We find the amount of sulfuric acid substance:
n (H2SO4) = m (H2SO4) / M (H2SO4) = 29.4 / 98 = 0.3 mol.
The coefficient equal to 1 in front of H2SO4 in the reaction equation (the coefficient is equal to one in the reaction equation), and the coefficient equal to 2 in front of NH3. Therefore, the amount of ammonia is related to the amount of sulfuric acid as follows:
n (NH3) = n (H2SO4) ⋅ 2/1 = 0.3 ⋅ 2/1 = 0.6 mol
V (NH3) = n (NH3) ⋅ Vm = 0.6 ⋅ 22.4 = 13.44 l.

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