An essay on the topic: “How I first went to sea”

I perfectly remember my first trip to the sea. For the first time I plunged into the gentle warm sea when I was still a baby. As a five-year-old child, I eagerly absorbed snippets of phrases about the sea that I heard from my mother. I knew that my mother was given trips to the camp site at work and was looking forward to when we went on vacation. I really wanted to see what it was like, this mysterious Black Sea.

And finally, this long-awaited departure day has arrived. In the evening, my mother packed our bags, and in the morning we had to get a taxi to take us to the bus station. It was possible to get to Anapa by train, but my mother preferred the bus to train. She believed that it would be much more comfortable to ride a bus with a child.

I slept poorly all night before leaving, half-asleep rushing about my bed, often jumping up and looking out the window. I really wanted the morning to come faster. It is good that my mother did not notice this, because she, unlike me, slept soundly all night. And then she would have thought that I was ill. Then we would not go anywhere at all.

We drove a very long time. The bus left at seven in the morning, and we arrived in Anapa only in the evening. Already in Anapa we took a taxi and drove to our camp site. All the way I looked out the window and admired the beautiful scenery.

On the first day of rest, my mother decided not to go to the beach, and took up household trifles – she went to the castellar for bedclothes, brought all kitchen utensils and basins from the supply manager, and began to unpack her bags and take things apart. I tried to help my mom in everything. But it seems to me that I disturbed her more than helped. I still could not persuade my mother to go to the beach in the evening.

But the next day, my mother and I went to the sea in the morning. I saw the sea from afar and marveled at its immensity. It turned out to be not black at all – the water in the sea was blue. The beach was sandy and the sand burned my feet slightly. There were a lot of people on the beach. Adults and children splashed in the water, people were lying on sunbeds and towels everywhere, the beach was very vain and noisy. Mom and I are located near the water.

I experienced real delight when I first went into the warm waters of the Black Sea. Inside me, everything turned over from feelings overwhelming me, I wanted to shout triumphantly with happiness. The first day I bought enough, and my mother even had a long time to persuade me to get out of the water.

The next day, my mother and I rode a boat and visited the dolphinarium. Anapa has a beautiful park with various attractions, swings and slides. And there, my mother and I were frequent visitors, we liked to play air hockey and rode with all kinds of cheers on all kinds of swings and slides. From the first trip to the sea, I had only good and warm impressions.

I was at sea as an adult, when I became a primary school student. But only the very first trip left the strongest impression of the sea.

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