An essay on the topic: “Where do dreams lead?”

People dream of different things. Some dream of material things – go to sea, buy a car, smartphone. They save for a long time, think about their dream. Move to her in small steps. And when the dream is already in their hands – they are very happy, and soon they begin to dream about something else. About the next phone, TV, kettle, apartment.

Such dreams lead only to hoarding. They can neither develop a person spiritually, nor help other people. The joy of owning a dream passes quickly.

Another category of people wants to achieve something. Become a great scientist, make discoveries in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology. Or become an astronaut. Fly to far space. View our planet from above. Become the greatest athlete. Such dreams motivate, guide a person. They make it stronger, better, forced to develop in the subject area, read a lot, improve physically. Such a dreamer can devote his life to making a dream a reality. And as a result, a great scientist, or a famous athlete, or the conqueror of distant worlds can take place. Or a writer. His dream can be realized in his work, in books. In his books, he can transform into an astronaut, an athlete, and even a superman.

There are still people dreamers. They dream all their lives, but not one of their dreams is realized. Their hands do not reach the realization. They are called dreamers.

Dreaming is very helpful. All children dream. Dreams open new horizons, new roads and ways. And we just have to go on them. There are many examples in life when an ordinary dream led a person to discoveries or accomplishments. Dreamers can enrich not only their lives, but also the lives of those around them. Make it better, more interesting. Give your discovery to the world.

But sometimes dreams are broken about reality. A man dreams of something, goes to his goal. And having received what he was striving for, he understands that he did not want this. For example, she dreams of becoming a doctor. She studies for a very long time as a doctor, then goes to work. And he soon realizes that the profession does not capture him, he is not interested in communicating with patients, the profession begins to deliver not joy and pleasure, but the bitterness of disappointment. All his dreams turn out to be wrong, false, not his dreams.

Dreams can come true in real life, or they can just remain dreams. In any case, dreams make us move forward toward the intended goal, while using all my experience, knowledge, skills. Dream, move towards your goal and you will surely succeed.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.