Analyze and explain the territorial changes that occurred during the Napoleonic Wars and at the Vienna Congress.

By the beginning of 1810, the Empire had become the most powerful power in Europe. It stretched from Brest to Hamburg and from Amsterdam to Rome, in its territory of 750 thousand square kilometers lived 62 million people. Around there were states dependent on France, In a district there were states dependent on France. Bonaparte’s victories were based on the strategy born of the revolution – the swiftness of maneuver and the concentration of large forces in the direction of the main attack, which allowed exhausting the enemy in secondary battles, and then defeating his army in a general battle.
According to the results of the Vienna Congress, France was returned to the borders of 1792, and after the “Hundred Days” of Napoleon – to the pre-revolutionary borders. These decisions were dictated by the desire of the monarchs of Europe to carry out the restoration, to maintain the monarchical order in Europe.

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