Analyze the list of factors affecting the normal development of the unborn child.

1. Alcohol
2. The stress state of the expectant mother
3. Hypodynamia
4. Loud noises
5. Sanitary condition of housing
6. Increased radiation
7. Air pollution by heavy metals
All these factors adversely affect the development of the unborn child. Maternal smoking during pregnancy has a negative effect on fetal lung maturation and contributes to the occurrence of wheezing episodes already in infancy. The stress state of the mother negatively affects the nervous system of the fetus and its general development. Increased radiation leads to mutational processes. Maternal hypodynamia for the fetus is fraught with a lack of nutrients due to the fact that the mother’s blood is poorly saturated with oxygen. Alcohol abuse during pregnancy leads to fetal alcohol syndrome and can lead to the psychophysical development of the baby

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