Ancient Indian myth

The progenitor of the world was Brahma. People appeared from the body of Purusha – the primordial man, whom the gods sacrificed at the beginning of the world. They threw him as a sacrificial animal on the straw, doused him with oil, and overlaid with wood. From this sacrifice, dismembered into parts, hymns and tunes, horses, bulls, goats and sheep were born. From his mouth priests arose, his hands became warriors, from his thighs were created farmers, and from his legs the lower class was born. From the mind of Purusha the month arose, from the eye – the sun, fire was born from his mouth, and from the breath – the wind. Air came from his navel, the sky came from his head, and the sides of the world were created from his ears, and his legs became earth. Thus, out of the great sacrifice, the eternal gods created the world.

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