Architecture of Western Europe X-XV centuries. (compare romantic and gothic style)

Questions for comparison Roman style Gothic style
origin of name From the word ” Roman “, which reflects the connection of European art with ancient Roman, as well as with Byzantine From the name of the barbarian tribe, the Goths, synonymous with barbarism, expressed contempt for all the typical phenomena of the Middle Ages
Heyday X-XII centuries The second half XII-XV centuries
Architectural features of the vault, walls and windows Semicircular arch, heavy low vault, powerful thick walls, small windows Pointed arch, lighter, higher rib vault due to load redistribution using flying buttresses and buttresses, less thick walls, large windows
Temple decoration Frescoes, reliefs, sculptures Sculptures, reliefs, stained glass (much less frescoes)
Impression of believers Low gloomy (little light) cathedrals and fortresses were designed to show the strength and power of the church, to frighten the faithful Light, upward-looking structures attracted the gaze of the person looking at the temple to the sky, to God. Inside, the cathedral seemed airy , light, tuned in to the sublime


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