Artistic trends of the second half of the 19th century

Direction name Kinds of art Characteristic signs Authors
Eclecticism Architecture Decoration of facades and interiors using elements of classicism, baroque, gothic and other styles K. A. Ton, A. I. Shtakenschneider
Realism Literature, painting Accurate display of reality, identification of the causes and consequences of reflected events G. Flaubert, E. Zola, G. Courbet
Barbizon School Painting Landscape technique development F. Millet , C. Corot
Impressionism Painting, music, sculpture The desire to show the perception of the world, your impressions by rejecting clear lines and mixing colors; writing in small strokes C. Monet, C. Pissaro , O. Renoir, C. Debussy, O. Rodin
Post-impressionism Painting Presenting a bright creative personality, unique style A. Toulouse-Lautrec, V. Van Gogh , P. Gauguin


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