At what latitudes can the moon not hide above the horizon during the whole day? Will this area change in the next 5-6 years?

The lunar orbit is inclined to the ecliptic plane at an angle of 5 ° 09 ‘. Therefore, depending on the location of the Moon’s orbit relative to the ecliptic, the limits in which the declination of the Moon changes during its revolution around the Earth can vary from + 18 ° 17 ‘to + 28 ° 35’. This will determine the latitude at which the moon may not set over the horizon. At the time of the 2nd round of the Olympiad (February 24, 2001), the maximum declination of the Moon was about ± 22.5 °, and the Moon could become a non-setting star at latitudes more than 68 ° (taking into account the effects of refraction and parallax). In 5-6 years, there will come a period of the “high moon”, when its declination will reach ± ​​28.5 °, and it can become a non-setting star already at the 62nd parallel.

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