Barbarian kingdoms in the Western Roman Empire

• Kingdom of the Franks
• Kingdom of the Visigoths
• Kingdom of the Ostrogoths
• Kingdom of the Vandals
• Kingdom of Angles and Saxons

Territories Tribes (kingdoms)
Italy Ostrogoths. Occupied Italy by 493. Ruler became the leader – Theodoric (493-526 years ). After the death of Theodoric, it existed until 555 and was conquered by the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium). Then it was conquered by the Lombards, and 200 years later in the end of the VIII century – by the Franks.
Southwest Gaul and Spain Visigoths (Western Goths). It existed for about 300 years and at the turn of the 7th-8th centuries it was conquered by the Arabs invading from North Africa.
British Isles Angles, Saxons and Jutes. They fought against the Celts, and by 600 they created seven kingdoms, and the country was called England.
North Africa Vandals
Northeastern Gaul Franks. In the second half of the 5th century King Clovis (481-511) of the Merovei family became king of the Franks .


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