Biology – the science of life and its meaning

Biology is a science that studies the properties of living systems.
The object of the science of biology is life in all its manifestations and forms, as well as at different levels.
Today biology is a complex science, formed as a result of differentiation and integration of different scientific disciplines.

Example: as a result of differentiation, mycology (the science of fungi), bryology (the science that studies mosses), algology (the study of algae), paleobotany (the study of the remains of ancient plants) and other disciplines emerged from botany; genetics was divided into general and molecular genetics, genetics of plants, animals, microorganisms, humans, and population genetics.

As a result of the integration of sciences, biophysics, biochemistry, radiobiology, space biology, etc. have arisen.

The value of biology

The importance of biological knowledge is increasing every year. Modern biology is a complex science characterized by the interpenetration of ideas and methods of various biological disciplines, as well as other sciences. Biological knowledge not only makes it possible to form a scientific picture of the world, but can also be used for practical purposes.

Thanks to discoveries made in various branches of biology, it has now become possible to manufacture a variety of drugs. Doctors have learned to diagnose, cure and prevent many previously incurable diseases. Biological methods have been developed for increasing soil fertility and protecting plants from pests. Breeding methods have been improved, they make it possible to breed new animal breeds and plant varieties with desired properties.

With the help of a new direction of material production – biotechnology – scientists are trying to solve the problem of food shortages.

Today, the achievements of biology are widely used in medicine, in various industries, in agriculture.

Environmental research is extremely important. We finally began to realize that the delicate balance that exists on our small planet is easy to destroy. Mankind was faced with a daunting task – the preservation of the biosphere in order to maintain the conditions for the existence and development of civilization. It is impossible to solve it without biological knowledge and special research.

Thus, at present, biology has become a real productive force and a rational scientific basis for the relationship between man and nature.

Understanding biological processes is very important for every person.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.