Calculate the amount of plankton (in kg) required for a 350 kg dolphin to grow in the sea.

Dolphin, eating predatory fish, has accumulated in its body only 10% of the total mass of food, knowing that it weighs 350 kg, we will compose the proportion.
350kg – 10%
X – 100%.
Find what is equal to X. X = 3500 kg. (predatory fish). This weight is only 10% of the mass of non-predatory fish, which they fed. Again, make up the proportion.
3500kg – 10%
X – 100%
X = 35,000 kg (weight of non-predatory fish)
How much did they have to eat plankton in order to have such a weight? Let’s make a proportion.
35 000 kg. – 10%
X = 100%
X = 350,000 kg
Answer: In order for a dolphin weighing 350 kg to grow, 350,000 kg of plankton are needed.

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