Calculate the height of the hill, if at the foot of the hill the barometer showed 762 mm, and at the top – 753 mm

There is a certain algorithm for calculating the height of a hill.
1) First you need to find out what is the difference in the readings of the barometer at the top and at the foot of the hill, if the condition of the problem says that at the foot of the hill the barometer showed 762 mmHg, and at the top – 753 mmHg, we get: 762 mmHg. – 753 mmHg. Art. = 9 mmHg
2) Knowing that as a result of the experiments, it was established that for every 10 to 12 meters of elevation above sea level, air pressure drops by 1 mm Hg, we can estimate the height of this hill: 10 m / mm Hg. Art. ∙ 9 mmHg = 90 m.
Answer: the height of this hill is 90 meters.

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