Can anyone replace parents?

Before writing my essay, I want to immediately answer the question posed in the subject of the essay. No no and one more time no. No one can ever replace a child with his parents. And now, I will explain why I think so.

Parents, these are our wings. From childhood, they care about us, help, guide. I understand that there are different families and very many children have to grow up without parents. But I sincerely pity them. After all, they never know true happiness, what it is like to be a child, hidden under the reliable wing of their beloved parents.

Mom and dad help their child stand on their feet, pronounce the first words, learn how to hold a spoon. In addition to physical skills, they help us develop as full-fledged individuals. Who if not parents, will be able to listen, give good, sincere advice and find words of comfort. No one, in the whole world, will treat you with such love.

Parents love their children no matter what. This is the most sincere, bright and real feeling. They do not demand anything in return for their love. In their actions there is no malicious intent, falsehood or selfish goals.

Mom and Dad are always waiting for you at home. First from school, then from college, then from work. They rejoice at every meeting, every call and every gentle word. It is often necessary to remind parents of how important and priceless they are in our lives. And do not forget that parents, unfortunately, are not eternal. Even if you live in another city, then try to visit your relatives more often, because they need your warmth and presence.

I really love my parents. They gave me life, they made me a man. They taught to sympathize, help, be a kind and helpful person. All these qualities help me to be a worthy person in society and feel confident. Their kind instructions and faith in me helped me to believe in myself. Now, I know for sure that I can achieve everything I wish. The main thing is to believe and not stop.

I am grateful to my parents for their concern. I know that if I have trouble, I can always go to mom and dad and they will solve my problem. They will support, let them cry in a vest, and then they will soberly assess the situation and give good advice. I am grateful to them for every moment. For every word and faith in me.

Parents are our support. I was extremely lucky with my parents. Looking at what honest and sincere people they are, I try to match them and be as worthy a person as my dear mom and dad.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.