Can kindness harm a person?

Kindness can be harmful. One must always understand that kindness is a quality that can be used very actively. Often, kindness harms the good man most of all. Since he is often ashamed to refuse, not to pay attention or to ignore. There is a category of people who are used to doing nothing and getting dry out of the water at the expense of others. Such people very quickly identify good people in society and begin to actively and brazenly use their sacrifice.

Over time, good people begin to get tired of this parasite and try to throw off their growing obligations. What do parasites do not allow. They begin not only to ask, but to demand and command. Moreover, if there are several such people, they will unite and will not give life. They will simply make a good sacrifice. This is the danger of kindness without analyzing the situation. You need to be able to distinguish between those who really need help and who only want to use other people’s goods.

Sometimes some good people get to the point of absurdity. They so want to help those in need and the poor that they forget about themselves and their own families. They may reach the point where their family itself will begin to be in poverty, and they themselves will only help others. Do not forget about your family, its needs and desires. Otherwise, people who are obsessed with the endless desire to help others risk themselves being left with nothing, and even alone. Therefore, it is important to do everything wisely.

It is also worth remembering that kindness can be to the detriment of others. Excessive kindness shown to children can make them greedy egoists, spoiled by people who are not capable of anything. They are used to the fact that they already have everything prepared and they don’t need to make any efforts for this. This is an unhealthy kindness that makes people infantile and incapable of taking care of themselves, and even more so of others.

Kindness must always work with the mind. The fact is that good people are very open and vulnerable. Sometimes they want to give their heat to those who do not have it. Therefore, someone can become very attached, someone can start using what they give him, someone can brazenly demand. To avoid all this, it is necessary to defend their positions and not allow people to behave arrogantly.

In order for good to bring only benefit, you need to be very careful, relate all the facts, analyze the behavior of people. Without guidance of the mind, there is a very big risk of falling under the manipulations of other people who are selfish and long for the fulfillment of their whims.

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