Can viruses be considered a special life form?

Viruses can be considered a special form of life. They cannot show signs of activity outside the host cell. Their structure is very primitive. They are the smallest creatures; they cannot be seen under a light microscope. They do not have a cellular structure.
In general, it is incorrect to call viruses living beings, since until now scientists have not proved whether they are alive or dead. It is better to use the term “biological objects” in relation to viruses.
Noteworthy is the fact that giant viruses are described – given their name because of the unusually large size of their genome, were also included in the study because of their biological complexity and a genome similar to the bacterial genome. This gives reason to believe that this direction of biology can be embedded in the general tree of life, and also to claim that it has not three branches, but four – giant viruses, bacteria, eukaryotes and archaea.

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