Changes in the life of people of the Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic)

  Period Neoplasms Value
Paleolithic Lower Isolation of a person from an animal state. Manufacturing of roughly cut stone tools (choppers, knives, scrapers, spearheads). Mastery of fire. Age and sex division of labor. Formation of the basic unit of society – a small clan community The origin of man as a biological species and the beginning of the formation of human society
Upper Distribution of Homo sapiens sapiens on Earth . The emergence of throwing weapons (darts, harpoons). The existence of small dwellings. The origin of religion. The emergence of art (dance, music, rock painting). Development of new continents – America and Australia Providing food and necessary livelihoods. Becoming a person as a spiritual being
Mesolithic The emergence of microliths – miniature stone tools. The likely domestication of a dog as a hunting assistant Expanding hunting opportunities
Neolithic Formation of a neighborhood community. Neolithic revolution (transition from an appropriating economy to a producing one ). Complication of painting ( multi-figure , abstraction) Enhanced food and livelihood opportunities. The beginning of the transition to the formation of statehood


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