Characteristic features of the history of the Ancient East in the economic, political, social and spiritual spheres

Economic sphere Social sphere Political sphere Spiritual realm
The emergence of new multifunctional stone tools; the transition to regulated cultivation of cereals and raising of animals; highlighting craft; the emergence of arable farming; invention and development of plows and plows; allocation of construction as a special sphere of economic activity; the emergence of an individual (family) economy and the beginnings of private property Creation of permanent settlements, villages, settlements – predecessors of cities; transition to a neighboring community; stratification within the community; the formation of large intercommunal associations – tribes Transformation of management into a special sphere of work; the emergence of the rudiments of administration, the power of the leader; expansion of military clashes between tribes Complication and differentiation of religious beliefs; the emergence of tribal gods; the formation of polytheism (polytheism)


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