Chronicle the events of one of the wars for the redivision of the world

The era of imperialism gave rise to wars for the redivision of an already divided world. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. there were three of them: Spanish-American (1898), Anglo-Boer (1899-1902) and Russian-Japanese (1904-1905).

Consider the chronology of the Spanish-American War (1898)
– In the 90s, the US government began to intensify its policy in the Pacific and the Caribbean.
– In 1893 the Hawaiian Islands were occupied.
– In April 1898, the United States launched a war against Spain to acquire the Spanish colonies.
– In 1895, an uprising broke out in Cuba against Spanish rule, so the United States decided to use the uprising to start a war against Spain.
– The reason was an explosion on the American cruiser Maine, which was stationed in the roadstead in Havana. In the United States, the explosion was attributed to the Spaniards and rejected the investigation proposed by Spain and the transfer of the case to arbitration.
– On April 6, at the request of Spain, the intervention of the great European powers in the Spanish-American conflict followed.
– On April 21, diplomatic relations between Spain and the United States were severed, and then first on April 23, the Spanish government, then on April 25, the US Congress declared a state of war. None of the European powers intervened in Spain’s favor.
– The US won a quick victory, defeating the Spanish army and navy.
– On December 10, 1898, the Spanish-American Peace was signed in Paris. Spain abandoned Cuba and the island was soon declared “independent”. In fact, he came under the US protectorate. Porto Rico, Guam and the Philippines, according to the peace treaty, passed to the United States.

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