Classification table of speech styles

sphere subject matter goals genres
Scientific (popular science) Science, education, enlightenment Any scientific information intended for serious scientific or educational study To state, substantiate, explain scientific knowledge Dissertation, article, monograph, author ferat, textbook, study guide, abstract
Journalistic Sphere of mass media (media) Generally significant issues of politics, economics, culture, etc., intended for accessible coverage in the press, radio and television, discussion and consideration in parliament To draw attention to the problem, to sharpen a socially significant issue, convince, inspire, induce the addressee Article, note, interview, reportage, essay, feuilleton, discussion, radio conference, debate
Formal business style Sphere of office work and official relations Official relations Establishment of official relations Agreement, convention, negotiations, law, decree, charter, order, protocol, statement, receipt, power of attorney, constitution
Colloquial Household sphere of communication Human relationships Exchange a variety of information, establish contact, to entertain Conversation, dispute, personal letter, SMS message
Fiction (language of fiction) Creative sphere, literature Any Present in a figurative form for the purpose of aesthetic impact Poem, sonnet, poem, ode, story, story, novel, fable, ballad, tragedy, comedy, drama …
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