Climatic characteristic of the zone – steppes and forest-steppes

Climatic characteristic

  Soil type Plants Animals
Total solar radiation, kcal / cm per year 120-140 Black earth, gray Cereal steppes with feather grasses, fescue, thin-legged, bluegrass, wheatgrass, and also a snake. Communities of shrubs (thorns, steppe cherries, bobovnik, spirea, etc.) are common in places; forests are found along floodplains of rivers and slopes of streams Rodents (ground squirrels, groundhogs, hamsters, mole rats, field mice). They feed on various predators: ferrets, foxes, weasels. Of the birds found in the steppes eagles, larks, Demoiselle crane
avg July ℃ 20-24
avg January ℃ 0
Average annual rainfall, mm 200-450
Climate belt Moderate
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