Comparative characteristics of the Ural and Caucasus mountains

The Caucasus Mountains belong to the mountains of young folding, the peaks of these mountains are peak-like and glacier -covered; the largest peaks of Mount Everest are more than 5 thousand meters. Ural mountains – mountains of ancient folding peaks dome-shaped highest mountain of the people about 2 thousand meters

Characteristic Ural Caucasus
Prevailing heights 500-1000 meters 3000-5000 meters
Highest peak, its height Mount Narodnaya, 1895 meters Elbrus, 5642 meters
Between which parallels are located 51 ° northern latitude . and 68 ° northern latitude . 41 ° northern latitude . and 45 ° northern latitude .
Between which meridians are located 56 ° East and 66 ° east 35 ° East and 47 ° east
Length 2000 km 1100 km
Direction from North to South from northwest to southeast
What geographical features do mountains share? Europe and Asia Europe and Asia
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