Comparative table Characteristic features of primitiveness and civilization (primary)

Characteristic features of primitiveness Characteristic features of civilization (primary)
1. Communal property and joint farming on a primitive basis. 2. Primitive tools and low agricultural productivity. 3. Collective existence and equalizing distribution of products. 1. The emergence of personal (private) property, the separation of crafts from agriculture. 2. The beginning of irrigation and a sharp increase in agricultural productivity. 3. The emergence of inequality, the allocation of privileges and rights, property differences.
4. The People’s Assembly is a priority body for governing society based on customs and traditions. 5. Lack of writing, oral transmission of information from generation to generation. 6. Primitive settlements together and frequent movements of tribes 4. Formation of the state as a system of governing bodies of society, its suppression. 5. Creation of writing, laws, scientific and religious ideas and their transmission to generations in writing. 6. Construction of cities, whose inhabitants are partially freed from agriculture, and the construction of powerful structures (pyramids, temples, mausoleums).


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