Comparative table of culture Europe, America, Russia, Slavic countries (in the XIX – early XX centuries)

Figures of science and culture. Major achievements Europe America Russia Slavic countries
Major scientists, their discoveries and inventions Wilhelm Roentgen (discovered X-rays), Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Pierre Curie, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford (discovery of radioactivity and scientific developments in the field of the atomic nucleus), Charles Darwin (creation of the theory of the evolution of species by natural selection) Section II Section III Section III
Outstanding writers and their works Victor Hugo (novels Notre Dame, Les Miserables, Workers of the Sea, The Man Who Laughs), George Gordon Byron (Don Juan), Walter Scott (Ivanhoe), Stendhal (The Red and Black “), Honore de Balzac (a series of novels under the general title” The Human Comedy “(consists of 90 works)), Charles Dickens (” Essays by Bose “,” Death Notes of the Pickwick Club “, novels” David Copperfield “and” Nicholas Nickleby “,” The Adventures of Oliver Twist “,” Dombey and Son “), Joseph Rudyard Kipling (” The Jungle Book “,” The Second Jungle Book “and” Fairy Tales “) Section II Section III Section III
Famous artists, architects and their work Francisco Goya (“The Family of King Charles IV”, “The Uprising of May 2, 1808 in Madrid”, “The Shooting of the Rebels on the Night of May 3, 1808”), Eugene Delacroix (“Liberty Leading the People”), G. Courbet ( “Stone Crushers”), J. Millet (“Windbreaker”, “Harvesters”), C. Monet (“Impression. Sunrise”), Odilon Redon (Weeping Spider), R. Smurka (building of the British Museum in London) Section II Section III Section III
Famous composers and their works Ludwig van Beethoven (Heroic Symphony), Franz Liszt (Hungarian Rhapsodies) Section II Section III Section III
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