Comparative table of the Constitutions of 1791 1973 and 1795

Comparison criteria Constitution of 1791 Constitution of 1793 Constitution of 1795
Political system A constitutional monarchy Republic Republic
Executive power In the hands of the king Public Safety Committee Five directors
Legislature Unicameral National Assembly Convention Bicameral Legislature
Suffrage Male taxpayers over the age of 25 Universal suffrage for men Abolition of universal suffrage
Territorial unit Department
Reforms 1. Abolition of internal customs duties and shop restrictions. 2. Nationalization and sale of church lands 1. Cancellation of all senior payments. 2. Sale of land of emigrants (split up and sold in installments over s) 1. Preservation of all the gains of the revolution. 2. Sale of immigrant lands and the church

Output. The Constitution of 1791 destroyed absolutism and limited the king’s power by laws. The Constitution of 1793 proclaimed France a republic with broad democratic freedoms, but they were of a declarative nature.


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