Comparative table of the development of civilizations of Ancient Rome and Greece

Sign of civilization Ancient Greece Ancient Rome
Producing farm 1. Cattle breeding

2.Lack of bread (buy)


2 surplus bread (sell)

Division of society into groups and the formation of the state 1.Lack of a unified state (policies)

2.2 groups: citizens and non-citizens (no rights)

3.Monarchy (king)

4. People’s Assembly

1.Unified state (capital – Rome)

2.2 groups: patricians and plebeians (there are rights)

3.Republic (2 consuls)

4. People’s Assembly and Senate

The origin and emergence of religion 1.Paganism (polytheism)

2.Gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades

3.No priestly estate

4.Hero – Hercules

1.Paganism (polytheism)

2.Gods: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

3.The priestly estate (pontiffs)

4.Hero – Hercules


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