Comparative table of the Pictures of the World (mythological, ordinary, religious and modern)

Criteria Mythological Everyday Religious (Christian) Modern
One world or several? The world is one, because combines the natural and the supernatural. The world is one and only. The world is dual: there is a contrast between the absolute, supernatural being, identical with God, to the whole variety of natural things endowed with being. There are two worlds: the one in which God dwells, there are heaven and hell (the supernatural world) and the one in which people live (the natural world). The world is one and the same: for physicists – matter, existing in the form of matter and field, based on the same elementary particles; for astronomers, the main characteristics of the universe are the same properties at all points (homogeneity) and directions ( isotropy ).
How did it arise and what is it like? Anthropomorphism is characteristic, therefore the emergence of the world is described by analogy with the birth of man: in the beginning there was only eternal, limitless, dark Chaos, which contains the source of the life of the world. Uncritical belief in a certain order of the world order, ideas about which are introduced into the consciousness of every person from scientific, religious, esoteric, mythological and other sources. The idea of ​​creationism: the creation of the world by God according to His free will for some time (6 days). The world is eternal, our Universe spontaneously emerged from a vacuum.
What are its spatio-temporal characteristics? Time in the world was understood cyclically (the change of seasons, the alternation of day and night, floods and descents into river banks, etc.).

Space is characterized by heterogeneity: there is a developed space, protected by good spirits, in which a given genus with its totem appeared and functions. ancestor. And there is the space of another totem, evil spirits for a given person, where various misadventures are possible with him.

Anthropocentricity : everything is built around the person himself. The space is doubled and heterogeneous: the space of the ordinary empirical world where people live, and the space beyond: heaven and hellish layers.

For Christianity, world time is linear. History is a path that has its beginning, a series of important intermediate stages – events – and is crowned with an end.

Space and time are objective and real, because exist independently of the consciousness of people and their knowledge of this objective reality. There are no phenomena that would exist outside of space or outside of time.
How did man appear and what is his place in the world? Man is not defined as a separate being, he is only a representative of the genus.
The essence of the genus was determined genetically – through its elevation to the ancestor , totem. Man originated from an animal, a heavenly body and a plant, or was created by the gods.
There is no question, because you have to think about how to live. Man was created in the image and likeness of God, but he is sinful. It appeared as a result of the laws of evolution (Darwin), the place of humanity in the Universe by modern science is explained through the prism of such a worldview as cosmism . It considers humanity as a natural step in cosmic evolution.


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