Comparative table of the type of development of the cities of Athens and Sparta

Comparison line Athens Sparta
Legislative basis of the state structure Solon reform (beginning VI BC.) And Cleisthenes (VI end BC.) Lycurgus Laws (Legendary Lawgiver)
Governing bodies The National Assembly is the highest authority. Archons are elected officials (executive branch). Bule – advice for doing the most important things. Strategists are the commanders of the army and navy. Gelia – the elected court Two kings (elected from the Heraclides clan) – the highest military leaders, judges and priests. Council of Elders; National Assembly. Ephorat – the body that controls the power and life of the Spartans
Elements of a political regime Principles of Citizenship, Legality and Political Freedom Total penetration of power into all aspects of the life of the Spartans


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