Compare meiosis division | and meiosis ||. What are the main differences between meiosis | and meiosis || Fill the table.

The stages of meiosis Meiosis I Meiosis II
Interphase Set of chromosomes 2p. The same processes are observed as in mitosis, but more prolonged , especially with the formation of eggs. A set of haploid chromosomes ( ). There is no synthesis of organic substances.
prophase Longer lasting. At the beginning of the phase, the same processes as in mitosis. In addition, there is a conjugation of chromosomes, with K otoroma homologous chromosomes converge along the entire length and twist. In this case, genetic information can be exchanged (chromosome crossing) – crossing over. Then the chromosomes diverge. Short; the same processes as in mitosis, but with chromosomes.
Metaphase Further chromosome spiraling occurs , their centromeres are located at the equator. The same thing happens as in T meiosis, but with chromosomes.
Anaphase Centromeres are not divided. The bottom of the isomologous chromosomes, consisting of two

chromatid bonded by common centromere .

The same thing happens as in T meiosis, but with chromosomes.
Telophase It doesn’t last long. Homologous chromosomes enter different cells with a haploid set of chromosomes. The cytoplasm is not always divided. Cytoplasm is divided. After two meiotic divisions, 4 cells with a haploid set of chromosomes are formed.
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