Compare the features of the structure and life of the Skilled Man and the Homo erectus. Why are they referred to the first representatives of the Man clan?

The first representatives of the Human race, scientists consider the representative of the archanthropists of the Skilled Man. Next to the remains of the Skillful Man, the most ancient tools made by human hands were discovered. The appearance of tools made it possible to actively introduce animal food into the diet. The manufacture of more advanced tools has contributed to an increase in brain volume. The curvature of the lower jaw indicates the possible presence of the rudiments of speech. A skilled man is fully adapted to upright posture. In him, like in modern people, the big toe is not laid aside. The next stage in the evolution of ancient people is considered to be a Homo erectus. The brain volume of Homo erectus increased to 1000 cm. He actively produced fairly advanced tools, hunted, and owned the rudiments of speech. The skeleton progressively changed due to upright posture: the foot acquired a small arch, the femur shifted to the center of the pelvis, and a slight bend formed in the spine. Homo erectus lived mainly in herds. For cooking, fire was widely used. However, a low forehead, developed superciliary arches, a half-bent body with an abundant hairline made them very close to the monkey-like ancestors. Therefore, Homo erectus, as well as Skilled Man, is attributed first to the representative of the Human race.

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