Compare the geographical location of Russia and Canada

Comparison options Similarity Differences
1. The position of the country in relation to the most important conventional lines on the map Both are located in the Northern Hemisphere, Russia partially in the Western Hemisphere Canada is located in the Western Hemisphere, and the bulk of Russia in the Eastern Hemisphere.
2. In which climatic zones is the country located? Both have subarctic, arctic, temperate zones Russia still has a subtropical belt
3. What oceans and seas are washed by the country Both are washed by the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic Oceans. No common seas
4. Neighboring countries Common Neighbor – USA DPRK, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Norway – Russia’s neighbors

Conclusion: Russia has more neighboring countries and in Russia the climate is more diverse and severe.

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