Compare the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Determine how the Indian Ocean is different from the Atlantic

a) by geographical location
The Atlantic Ocean is located between Greenland and Iceland in the north, Europe and Africa in the east, North and South America in the west and Antarctica in the south. The Indian is located between the continents – Eurasia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica;
b) by configuration
The Atlantic Ocean occupies an elongated, S-shaped basin between Europe and Africa in the east, North and South America in the west, the Indian Ocean occupies a part between Eurasia, Africa and Australia;
c) bottom topography
The Indian Ocean is divided into three parts by ridges. In the Atlantic Ocean, the bottom is almost flat;
d) by surface water temperature
Atlantic Ocean temperature from 1 to 8 degrees; Indian Ocean temperature from 10 to 25 degrees;
e) the intensity of economic development
The Atlantic Ocean, in comparison with the Indian Ocean, is more developed, since here the main routes pass between America and Europe, Africa. The longest ocean
The Pacific Ocean – the largest and deepest

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