Compare the mixed and deciduous forests of the Russian Plain and the Far East. Fill the table.

Natural area components Russian plain Primorye
Climate Moderate continental, average temperature -4 … -16 ° С Monsoon, the average temperature in January is -20 …- 24 ° С, in July – +16 … + 18 ° С
Moisturizing kuvl ≥ 1 (sufficient) Summer precipitation, little snow
Soil Sod-podzolic, gray forest, multi-tiered Brown forest
Plants Spruce, pine, beech, oak, linden, hazel, birch, maple Ginseng, Amur velvet, Manchurian walnut, lemongrass, Korean liana, cedar
Animals Brown bear, elk, squirrel, chipmunk, white hare, wolf, wolverine, sable, marten, ermine, fox, capercaillie, hazel grouse, woodpecker, nutcracker, crossbill
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