Compare the nature of the Arctic and Antarctica. Fill the table

Compare Features Arctic Antarctic Traits of similarity, traits of difference
Geological structure The territory is occupied by the Arctic Ocean and groups of islands, the northern territories of Eurasia and North America The territory is occupied by the mainland -Antarctic Most of it is covered with ice; in Antarctica, these are ice and ice shelves. In the Arctic – oceanic ice
Climatic zones Subarctic, arctic Subantarctic , Antarctic, moderate Both territories are located in cold climatic zones, Antarctica is also in temperate
Natural areas Arctic deserts Antarctic Deserts Both territories are icy deserts, the differences are wildlife and vegetation
Geographical position Areas of the Northern Hemisphere beyond the Arctic Circle Areas of the southern hemisphere beyond the Arctic Circle (seas near Antarctica and the mainland itself) Both territories are located in high polar latitudes, the difference lies in the location of the Arctic in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Antarctic in the Southern.
Nature features The territory is predominantly occupied by the ocean, marine animals and birds predominate. Here is the coldest mainland, various species of organisms live The peculiarity of both territories -x olodny and harsh climate, the differences are due to the fact that the Arctic Ocean occupies, Antarctica – Mainland

Conclusion The territories have similar climatic conditions, similar species of organisms live here. The differences are caused by the location in Antarctica of the mainland Antarctica, while the Arctic represents the islands and the icy surface of the Arctic Ocean

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