Compare the revolutions in Germany, Austria, Hungary, highlighting the common and differences with the table

Questions Italy Austria Germany
  The reasons fragmentation of the country striving for national independence of peoples fragmentation of the country
  Objectives the development of capitalism;

unification of the country

the development of capitalism;

national liberation of peoples

the development of capitalism;

unification of the country

 The conquests of the revolution adoption of the Constitution;


republics in Rome

adoption of the Constitution; the introduction of democratic rights;

the creation of an independent Hungarian government;

abolition of feudal taxes;

declaration of political freedoms

the creation of parliaments;

Frankfurt National Assembly;

the adoption of a Constitution uniting Germany
into a single country;

proclamation of human rights, freedom, equality

  Outcome defeat of the revolution;

maintaining fragmentation

defeat of the revolution;

abolition of the Constitution;

the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire;

unresolved national question

defeat of the revolution;

dissolution of parliament; maintaining fragmentation


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