Comparison Chart Ancient Greek and Modern Theater

Questions  Ancient greek theater Modern theater
Where do the performances take place? In a special open-air building In a special closed building
Capacity Up to 17 thousand viewers Up to 1 thousand people
How often do the performances take place? Several times a year Constantly
Start of the show From morning until sunset: several performances were staged in a row Children’s performances from 11 o’clock, adults – in the evening
Tickets Lead or baked clay (seats in the theater were not numbered and therefore the seats were occupied from the night) From paper (there is numbering of the row and place)
Who can be a spectator? Anyone who bought a ticket (the poor were given money to buy tickets), mostly male citizens Anyone who bought a ticket
The curtain Not there is
Who plays the show? Professional actors Professional actors
How are actors rewarded? Basket with figs and amphora with olive oil, applause Applause, flowers, theater awards
Who plays male and female roles? Men (no more than three actors participated in the performance) Men and women (the number of actors is not limited)
What performances are being arranged? Tragedies and Comedies Variety


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