Comparison table: Basin type, Reason for formation and Examples

Basin type Reason for education Examples of
Tectonic in troughs Subsidence of vast areas of the earth’s crust Aral, Caspian
Tectonic in faults Subsidence of sections of the earth’s crust along a fault Baikal, Nyasa, Tanganyika
Glacial The hollow has been deepened by ancient glaciers. Onega, Ladoga
Zaprudny The river bed is blocked by a landslide or solidified lava flow. Sarez .
Volcanic Extinct volcano craters Kronotskoye , Kurilskoye
Karst Formed after the failure of the upper layer covering the underground cavity, and fills it with water. Small ones are not indicated on the cards
Old women Sections of the former river bed, which has changed its direction. Small ones are not indicated on the cards


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