Comparison table: industrial revolution and industrialization

Industrial Revolution Industrialization
The main engine of economic development is the large machine industry
Rural economy still played a major role The share of industrial production exceeded the share of agricultural production
The most important inventions in the cotton industry (spinning wheels and looms) The most important inventions are in the method of steel production, in the use of electricity for industrial purposes, in the creation of an internal combustion engine, etc.
The main industries are manufacturing ( textile , etc.) The main industries are basic (metallurgy, energy, mechanical engineering, etc.)
Industrial development indicator – the amount of processed raw cotton Industrial development indicator – the volume of production of iron and steel
Bourgeoisie and wage earners together constituted a minority of the population The bourgeoisie has acquired economic power and political influence; the number of hired workers has increased significantly; technical and administrative staff appeared and became an influential community group


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