Compile a table of inventions of the XV -XVII centuries.

1. Invention of the water engine Workshop use Lifting ore and pumping water from a mine

Blowing air into smelting furnaces with large bellows

2. The invention of the blast furnace Production of iron and steel, increase in metal smelting

Firearms production

3. Improvement of firearms The fall of the role of knightly cavalry, a coup in military affairs
4. Improvement of shipbuilding and navigation techniques Long voyages on the high seas
5. The invention of typography Rapid dissemination and preservation of knowledge accumulated by people

Development of education and literature

6. The invention of the compass Study of magnetism
7. The invention of lenses for the   eyes Drew the attention of scientists to the refraction of light
8. Invention of the hydrometer, mercury barometer, telescope Devices expanded the boundaries of the world, revealing what was previously invisible to the eye and microscope


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