Conduct a study of the peculiarities of life, culture and traditions of the peoples of one of the countries of Central Asia.

The culture of each people contains its traditions, customs and rites, passing from one generation to another. The traditions and customs of the Kazakh people were created over several centuries. They are harmoniously intertwined with each other, covering the most different moments of the life of the Kazakhs.
Kazakh holidays Nauryz. The celebration date is the vernal equinox. This “New Year” holiday is dedicated to spring. Kazakhs have a belief: Nauryz is celebrated generously – the year will pass safely. Before the holiday, the dwellings were put in order, debts were returned, quarrels were forgotten. On the night before the holiday, all containers were filled with milk, grain, clean well water as a symbol of the desire for an abundance of milk, a rich harvest and timely rain. On this day, everyone was friendly to each other, hugging at a meeting, wishing them happiness, so that troubles and adversities would bypass them. Nauryz holiday was opened by a meeting of dawn. During the meeting of dawn, everyone, from small to large, armed with shovels and ketmen, cleared a spring or aryk. Then, all together, under the command of the venerable old men, trees were planted. After performing the ritual activities, the time came for a festive performance. The Kazakhs had fun, sang songs written for this holiday, competed in tongue twisters, and guessed riddles. Everywhere we heard congratulations to each other on the New Year. Traditional races were held, sporting events were organized, and massive games were held.

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