Could life on Earth have arisen without the biosphere?

According to a number of researchers, in the early stages of its development, life was not associated with individual living organisms, but was expressed in a single living substance. According to V.I. Vernadsky, the origin of life comes down to the origin of the biosphere, which from the very beginning was a complex self-regulating system. A wide variety of geochemical functions of living matter stemmed from the fact that any, the most primitive cell, being in an aquatic, marine environment, had close contact with all the chemical elements of the periodic table. Naturally, these primitive organisms did not select all the elements in the process of life, but primarily those that favored their growth and improvement of a number of physiological processes.
In this regard, V.I. Vernadsky [1940] noted: “The conclusion about the need for simultaneous extremely diverse geochemical functions in the biosphere of life representatives is the main condition for its appearance. Whatever this appearance, it should be represented not by a combination of indivisibles of one species, but by a combination of many species morphologically belonging to different sharply divided classes of organisms, or hypothetically special, different from species, unknown to us by the form of living matter. The possibility of the full implementation of all geochemical functions of organisms in the biosphere by unicellular organisms makes it probable that this was the first appearance of life …
Thus, the first appearance of life during the creation of the biosphere was to occur not in the form of the appearance of any kind of organism, but in the form of an aggregate corresponding to the geochemical functions of life. Biocenoses should have appeared immediately. ”

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