Could Mars, Mercury, Jupiter pass through the Sun’s disk?

Answer: No, yes, no
The passage along the disk of the Sun is true for the inner planets, but for the outer planets this cannot be. Mercury belongs to the lower planets, its orbit is located inside the Earth’s orbit. Periodically, Earth and Mercury are on the same side of the Sun. In this case, the “Sun-planet-Earth” system forms a triangle or a straight line in outer space. In the latter case, a terrestrial observer can see the lower planet on the solar disk. Since the planet and the Earth are separated by tens of millions of kilometers for the naked eye, Mercury looks like a black dot on the Sun, and at least a tenfold increase is required to notice Mercury! The transits of planets on the disk of the Sun are rare, but they are visible throughout the entire hemisphere of the Earth facing the Sun. Therefore, for Mercury, yes, but Mars and Jupiter, the outer planets, are not for them.

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