Could the Reconstruction of the South have been carried out more decisively and quickly? What do you think was required for this?

In US history, the term reconstruction refers, first, to the post-Civil War period between the North and South, and second, to the transformation of the South from roughly 1865-1866 to 1877, with a change in the structure of power and society in the former Confederation.
In the spring of 1877, the reconstruction was actually completed. The leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties made a difficult political deal. She ensured the Republicans victory in the presidential election, and the Democrats – control over the southern states. Therefore, the transformation in the South has slowed down. Also, the Reconstruction was met with strong resistance from the former slave owners and their supporters. In the South, various laws were adopted that made it extremely difficult for Negroes to obtain land, engage in trade, vote, etc. And former slaves were difficult to adapt to the new conditions. They had a poor idea of ​​how to dispose of their sudden freedom. Therefore, in order for the reconstruction of the south to be carried out more decisively and quickly, it was necessary to carefully control it at the presidential level, to support former slaves (to help them settle in freedom, to provide housing and work), to prohibit secret organizations (such as the Ku Klus Klan), and also increase funding.

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