Create a story about the American Civil War using your famous fiction and film.

Causes of the Civil War:
1) the rise to power of Abraham Lincoln, the representative of the Republican Party;
2) dissatisfaction with the southerners with the economic policy pursued by the new government;
3) the demand of the Republican Party to ban the spread of slavery in the new Western states.

Chronicle of the Civil War:
• 1861 – shelling and capture of Fort Sumter by the southerners;
• 1862 – the Lincoln government introduced a tax on the rich, confiscation of the property of the rebels;
• May 20, 1862 – adoption of the Homestead Act;
• January 1, 1863 – the abolition of slavery in the United States;
• April 1865 – capture by the army of General Grant Richmond, surrender of the army of General Lee.

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