Define the properties of any four rocks. Enter the results in a table.

Rock Prois hozhde of Tvor Dost Colour Shine Application
1. Granite acidic polymagmatic rock, consists of quartz, feldspar, plagioclase, mica Density 2600kg / m3, compressive strength 300MPa from black – to traditional maroon with black – to white and gray has a polished look in construction, decoration
2. Limestone sedimentary of , is composed of calcite (sometimes of aragonite), with an admixture of dolomite, clay and sand particles may comprise residues calcareous skeleton fossils density in the range of 2700-2900 kg / m3 The main color is white. But it can be yellowish, light beige, light gray, less often slightly pinkish no in construction: denser limestone is used for masonry walls, and porous is good for cladding and creating decorative ensembles
3. Sandstone composed of sand grains fragile. Strong sandstone connected by quartz masses and mica The breed’s color palette includes all shades of the rainbow. The most common greenish sandstone. A brown stone competes with him. Red shades are sandstone, which includes iron oxides. There are black and dark brown options no in construction

Make a conclusion:  The rocks are different, because formed as a result of various geological processes.

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