Describe Alaska’s coastline as planned

1) Oceans washing the shore.
Pacific, Arctic, Arctic oceans.
2) Rugged coastline, islands and peninsulas.
Seward Peninsula, Alaska Peninsula, Fr. St. Lawrence, Fr. St. Matthew, Fr. St. Paul, Fr. St. George, Kenai Peninsula, Trinity Island, Fr. Kodiak.
3) Seas, bays and straits off the coast of Alaska.
Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait, Norton Bay, Bristol Bay, Alaska Bay, Kopebu Bay
4) The depth of the oceans, seas, the temperature regime of their ox.
The depth of the seas and oceans is from 2000-4000 meters, the southern coast of the state is washed by the warm waters.
5) The influence of oceans and seas on the economic activities of the population.
Widely developed fishing, legal proceedings

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